Marilyn C Saunders Psychologist

Counselling Services in Midrand

I offer the different types of counselling below.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
CBT assists with identifying and challenging the dysfunctional or irrational thoughts patterns and unhelpful core beliefs.
Marriage Therapy
According to researchers the requirements for a driver’s license are much more than those for a marriage license. With a driver’s license, one needs to show some level of competency before one is allowed to drive; however, with a marriage license, one only need a signature to affect someone else’s life.
Trauma Counselling
Psychological trauma arising from a traumatic event can leave an individual overwhelmed by stress, feeling powerless, and experiencing PTSD symptoms such as severe anxiety, flashback, insomnia, nightmares and irritability etc.
Individual Therapy
Therapy is the process where the client guides the therapist on his/her journey, the aim of the session is self-discovery and their interaction creates meaning. Self-discovery promotes insight and self-awareness with a goal of empowering the client to cope better with all areas of their lives.
Relationship Enrichment Workshops
The first step is, the Psychologist will provide initial couple sessions to work through the serious and painful, hurt experienced during the journey of their relationship.
Couples/Relationship Therapy
The first session is an initial assessment to establish the requirements needed for therapy and it is preferred that both partners attend the session.

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